Getting a Driving License in UAE

Driving License in UAE

To obtain a new driving license in UAE, individuals, whether citizens or residents, must apply to an accredited driving institute in the respective emirate. They are required to complete driving training courses and successfully pass all necessary tests.

Getting a Driving License

Acquiring a Driving License in UAE

In order to obtain a new driving license in UAE, whether you are a citizen or a resident, the first step involves applying to an accredited driving institute within the relevant emirate. Once registered, individuals attend mandatory driving training classes and successfully complete all required tests. Upon successful completion of the training and tests, applicants are eligible to receive a new driving license, which is typically valid for two years. This process can be initiated through authorized driving institutes, which encompass:

Abu Dhabi: 




Eligibility for Driving in UAE

Individual customers, including both citizens and residents, who have reached the legal age and meet the necessary medical requirements, are eligible to acquire a driving learning permit and apply for a new driver’s license. The minimum age for obtaining a driver’s license varies depending on the type of vehicle for which the license is sought. The minimum age requirements are as follows:

  • 17 years for motorcycles and vehicles designed for individuals with special needs
  • 18 years for cars and light vehicles
  • 20 years for heavy vehicles and tractors
  • 21 years for buses.

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Getting a Driving License in UAE

Essential Documents and Procedures for Obtaining a Driving License in UAE

To initiate the process of obtaining a driving license in UAE, individuals need to assemble the following required documents:

  • A copy of their passport and the residence visa page
  • Both a copy and the original Emirates ID card
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • An eye test report
  • A no objection letter from the sponsor, if stipulated by the respective traffic department.

The steps involved in learning to drive a car encompass:

  • Initiating the process by opening a traffic file at one of the accredited driving centers within the relevant emirate
  • Undergoing an eye test at any center endorsed by the traffic department
  • Successfully completing all mandatory driving classes
  • Passing all examinations administered by the corresponding traffic department
  • Ultimately obtaining the driving license from the traffic authority.


Renewing Your Driving License in UAE

Driving licenses can be renewed for a duration of 10 years for UAE and GCC citizens, and 5 years for residents. You can renew your driving license online in most emirates. It’s essential to clear all outstanding traffic fines before renewing your driving license. A late renewal fee of 10 AED per month is imposed on individuals who delay the renewal process for more than one month.

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