Internships in UAE

Internships in UAE

Internships in UAE offer a unique gateway for individuals to gain hands-on experience, develop vital skills, and explore various career paths in this dynamic and rapidly growing nation. As the United Arab Emirates continues to flourish as a hub for innovation and enterprise, internship opportunities play a pivotal role in shaping the future workforce.

The Ministry of Education provides internship opportunities to talented Emirati students within higher education institutions. Through the dedicated internship portal, Emirati students have access to valuable internships with leading companies in knowledge-based industries within the UAE’s private sector. To learn more about the eligibility criteria and application process for these internships, read on.

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Internships in UAE for Undergraduate Students

The Ministry of Education extends internship programs to high-achieving Emirati students enrolled in higher education institutions. These internships are accessible through a dedicated portal, offering Emirati students the chance to explore valuable internship positions within key companies operating in knowledge-based industries within the UAE’s private sector. Notably, this program encompasses 30 global multinational private sector companies and esteemed government-owned UAE companies operating in the private sector.

These training opportunities are available for students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years of their academic journey. Internships can serve as part of the university graduation requirements or can be pursued as additional summer internships, or even a combination of both, providing students with valuable experiential learning.

Internships in UAE

Internship Application Requirements

To apply for internships, applicants are required to meet specific conditions:

  1. Academic Excellence: Applicants should hold a minimum Grand Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 GPA from an accredited higher education institution within the UAE.

  2. Commitment: Successful applicants must be prepared to commit to the entire duration of the internship.

Eligible students who meet these criteria can proceed to register and submit their applications.

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide Emirati undergraduates with valuable internship experiences in knowledge-based industries. These internships offer on-the-job training, enabling students to acquire practical skills essential for their future professional careers.

For further information and resources related to internships, please visit the Ministry of Education’s internship portal.


In conclusion, internships in UAE serve as invaluable stepping stones for individuals seeking practical experience and professional development. These internships in UAE offer a hands-on learning experience, allowing participants to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings.

Participating in internships in UAE provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into the local business landscape and culture. Through these internships, individuals not only enhance their skill sets but also build essential connections that can open doors to future career opportunities.

Internships in UAE play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between academic learning and professional practice. The experience gained through these internships contributes significantly to the personal and professional growth of individuals, making them well-equipped for the challenges of the job market. As individuals engage in internships in UAE, they not only contribute to their own development but also become integral parts of the dynamic workforce driving the nation’s progress.