Sahara Mall Sharjah A Premier Shopping Destination

Sahara Mall Sharjah,

In the heart of UAE’s cultural capital stands Sahara Mall Sharjah, not your average shopping or entertainment destination. Located strategically on Al Nahda Street — in close proximity to the Sharjah-Dubai border — it draws attention from both locals and tourists which makes it a great location for a mall. This is why they have an array of retail outlets, dining options, and entertainment facilities that are able to attract locals and tourists alike. With its distinctive modern architecture standing out amongst others along with an array of choices available at this establishment— one might say we’ve got it all covered: from top international brands down to our very own local boutiques. No need to hop around town looking for what you need; we bring everything under one roof at Sahara Mall Sharjah making us vibrant indeed!

Hotel Near Sahara Mall Sharjah

Seekers interested in proximity to Sahara Mall Sharjah have a selection of fine hotels, each offering luxury and ease. One standout is Golden Sands Hotel — just a stone’s throw away from the mall yet worlds apart in lavish accommodations. With rooms and suites fit for royalty, they boast a plethora of amenities including a swimming oasis, fitness enclave, and dining destinations galore. Another gem is Novotel Sharjah Expo Centre; it shines with modernity and service par excellence. Opting for lodgings near Sahara Mall Sharjah ensures seamless access to its bevy of retail, dining, and entertainment outlets— a proposition that beckons both casual and corporate voyagers alike.

Sahara Mall Cinema Sharjah

Novo Cinemas operates the Sahara Mall Cinema Sharjah: you will have an exceptional experience when watching movies at this location because it boasts quality (in terms of being up-to-date) audio-visual technology that guarantees high-definition viewership of newly released blockbusters. It includes VIP seats: these are extra comfortable— more like thrones— to make your enjoyment even better; several screens play different movies such as Hollywood and regional ones so any movie lover can find what they are looking for. Besides having weekly special screenings plus events which attract many fans, its position within the mall lets viewers dine or shop either before or after watching a film thereby making their entertainment complete!

Sahara Mall Sharjah Timings

An understanding of the Sahara Mall Sharjah timings is essential when scheduling a visit. The mall is open every day which allows enough time for visitors to be able to shop and enjoy shopping at this vast array mall. From Sunday through Wednesday, it runs ten o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock at night giving shoppers an entire day full of shopping and entertainment possibilities. On Thursdays and Fridays, the mall remains operational until midnight allowing individuals who prefer late evening shopping opportunities with their preferred items. Saturday sees it open from 10 AM to 11 PM, appealing to those looking for different types of leisure at different times during the weekend— whether planning a quick shopping trip or an evening’s worth of entertainment.

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Events and Promotions

  • Seasonal Events: Sahara Mall hosts various events throughout the year, including holiday celebrations, sales, and special promotions.
  • Promotional Offers: Regular discounts and offers from various stores, particularly during festive seasons like Ramadan and Eid.

Home Center Sahara Mall Sharjah

For those who are passionate about interior design, the Home Center at Sahara Mall Sharjah is definitely a place to go. It has a great variety of furniture, different home decor items, and accessories that can satisfy any taste or budget. If you need to change the look of your living room completely, find the ideal bedroom set or simply get some stylish details for your home — Home Center will offer you everything you need and even more than that. To reach out to Home Center Sahara Mall Sharjah, customers should contact them by phone using their customer service line which is available for inquiries regarding product availability along with special promotions plus delivery options. When you visit this store located in Sahara Mall Sharjah, be sure that you will have an easy and pleasant shopping experience as they provide a large number of high-quality products complemented by their exceptional customer service.

Final Thoughts on Sahara Mall Sharjah

Sahara Mall Sharjah is a symbol of contemporary retail and amusement. It presents an unforgettable fusion experience where shopping, dining, and entertainment meet. Situated at a strategic location along Al Nahda Street near the Sharjah-Dubai border, it easily becomes a hotspot for locals as well as those coming from other emirates. The mall’s wide selection of both international and local brands guarantees that shoppers will be able to discover everything from high-end fashion and electronics to specialty items and daily necessities — all under one roof.

Frequently Asked Question.

How old is Sahara Mall?

The mall, which opened in February 2002, has grown to be a landmark and is regarded as the greatest in Sharjah and the northern emirates by many.

Is there free wifi in Sahara Center?

Wi-Fi UAE is now available to patrons of Sahara Centre in Sharjah as it rolls out throughout the mall. offering free or premium Wi-Fi to enable everyone to have access to the Internet.