Scholarships in UAE for Masters and Bachelors Programs

Scholarships in UAE

Scholarships in UAE are a golden opportunity for aspiring students to pursue their dreams of higher education. The United Arab Emirates is not only a hub of culture and innovation but also a host to numerous prestigious universities and colleges offering Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. These scholarships serve as a guiding light, illuminating the path to academic excellence, and making these sought-after programs more accessible to deserving candidates.

Abu Dhabi University Scholarships in UAE

Abu Dhabi University is committed to empowering exceptional students and motivating them to pursue their educational goals. Our scholarship and financial aid program in Abu Dhabi is a fundamental part of our commitment to academic excellence and our dedication to fostering the UAE’s development. We view it as a crucial national responsibility to ensure equal opportunities for all students who aspire to higher education, irrespective of their financial circumstances. Therefore, we offer scholarships for both master’s and bachelor’s programs.

Each scholarship awarded by Abu Dhabi University has a maximum coverage period of four years or until the student graduates, depending on which comes first. Some scholarships may also have English language proficiency requirements. As long as students meet the scholarship maintenance criteria, they do not need to reapply for the scholarship.

The process of applying for a scholarship begins after a student receives formal admission to ADU and is assigned a unique student ID number. This ID number serves as a secure login for the university account, which includes a section dedicated to Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Since the university has already processed student information, including academic records, upon admission, any eligible scholarships will be visible on the student’s account page. If the student qualifies for any of these scholarships based on merit, they can choose to complete an online application. This application requires students to provide the necessary details, upload any required documents, and then submit it online.

Scholarship Categories at Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University is committed to making high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate education within easy reach for all. To fulfill this commitment, we’ve established an appealing scholarship and financial aid program in Abu Dhabi that ensures equality of opportunity for every student, regardless of their background or financial circumstances.

Our scholarships in UAE are available for both master’s programs and undergraduate degrees, with various options tailored to provide each individual with the chance to access the advantages of higher education.

ABU Dhabi University offers scholarships in UAE that are divided into seven primary categories:

  • Academic Scholarship — Available for Undergraduate Programs.
  • University Scholarship — Available for Undergraduate Programs.
  • H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship — Available for Undergraduate Programs.
  • Family Tuition Waiver — Available for Undergraduate Programs.
  • Athletic Scholarship — Available for Undergraduate Programs.
  • Merit Based Graduate Scholarship — Available for Postgraduate Programs.
  • Alumni Scholarship — Available for Postgraduate Programs.
Scholarships in UAE for Masters & Bachelors Programs

Can I Study for Free in the UAE?

Abu Dhabi University offers the H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship, which provides an incredible opportunity for students to pursue their studies in the UAE without any tuition fees.

This scholarship covers 100 percent of the fees, including tuition, application, registration, student services, and health services. However, it’s important to note that there are specific criteria that must be met to be eligible for this scholarship.

To qualify for the H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship, you must be one of the top 20 graduates from a UAE public secondary school. Additionally, you should be a new student planning to join Abu Dhabi University in the fall semester immediately following your secondary school graduation.

Furthermore, interested students must meet the English language proficiency requirements set by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Additionally, a minimum EmSAT Math score of 1,200, an English score of 1,600, and an Arabic score of 900 are required to be eligible for this prestigious scholarship.

What is the Minimum Percentage Needed for Scholarships in UAE?

Abu Dhabi University offers scholarships for both master’s and bachelor’s programs in the UAE, and the required Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) percentages vary.

If you’re interested in the Athletic Scholarship, which grants a 25% discount on tuition fees, you need a CGPA of 2.75. However, this scholarship is specifically for students who actively participate in Abu Dhabi University sports teams, whether as a coach, captain, or player.

For academically driven undergraduate students, the Academic Scholarship is a great option. It provides a 20% reduction in tuition fees, but to be eligible, you must have achieved a CGPA of 3.60 or higher for two consecutive semesters.

On the other hand, those aiming for a postgraduate Merit-Based Graduate Scholarship should have a CGPA of at least 3.5 (or equivalent) to qualify for the 25% tuition waiver. The Alumni Scholarship, available for Master’s level programs, requires a score of 3 or above.

Are There Scholarships Available for International Students in the UAE?

As mentioned earlier, our scholarships at Abu Dhabi University are inclusive and open to students from all around the world.

International students are encouraged to apply for various scholarship opportunities, such as the Athletic Scholarship, which recognizes sporting achievements and team spirit, and the Family Tuition Waiver, which extends the benefits of reduced tuition fees to siblings and future generations.

However, it’s important to note that there are a few exceptions, and some scholarships are exclusively for specific groups.

The Abu Dhabi University Scholarship is reserved for UAE residents and GCC national candidates, while the H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship is specifically for individuals who attended public secondary schools in the UAE.

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Maintaining Scholarships and Financial Aid During Summer and Winter Sessions with Fewer Credit Hours

Scholarships and financial aid can be retained during Summer and Winter sessions, even with less than 12 credit hours. However, this option is not applicable to new students applying for the first time during those terms.

Enrolling in courses during Summer/Winter Terms is not obligatory to preserve a scholarship. However, to retain their scholarship, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours per Fall/Spring semester.