Technical and Vocational Education in UAE

Technical and Vocational Education in UAE

Technical and Vocational Education in UAE is all about learning practical skills that can help you with jobs and careers. This kind of education teaches you how to do things like fixing machines, working in healthcare, or managing businesses. In the UAE, they have special programs and schools to help people learn these skills. Let’s explore how technical and vocational education can open doors to exciting career opportunities in the UAE.

Technical and Vocational Education

eServices for Education and Scholarships in the UAE

In the UAE, various institutions offer a range of convenient online services to support education and provide scholarships to deserving students. These eServices aim to streamline processes and make access to education and financial assistance more accessible for students.

Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET): The ACTVET offers eServices for students pursuing technical and vocational education. These services encompass a variety of resources to aid students in their educational journey, from accessing course information to facilitating administrative tasks.

Higher Colleges of Technology: The Higher Colleges of Technology provide eServices for both academic and non-academic accommodations to support students of determination. These accommodations ensure that students with unique needs can access education on an equal footing with their peers.

ADNOC Scholarship Program: The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) offers a scholarship program to support students in their pursuit of higher education. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to students aspiring to advance their careers in the energy industry. By offering scholarships, ADNOC aims to empower the next generation of professionals and leaders in this field.

These eServices and scholarship opportunities play a vital role in promoting education, accessibility, and career development in the UAE. They provide valuable support to students as they embark on their educational journeys and strive to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Fostering a Knowledge-Based Economy Through Technical and Vocational Education in UAE

The UAE aims to create a sustainable and diversified knowledge-based economy, striving to produce 10 Emiratis with vocational skills for every university graduate. This vision centers on establishing a robust national system that guarantees the quality of technical and vocational education and training (TVET).

To meet this goal, the government is committed to equipping individuals with skills that align with the latest technologies and emerging trends. This approach ensures that both women and men have equal access to affordable and high-quality technical, vocational, and tertiary education programs.

Moreover, the UAE endeavors to significantly increase the number of young people and adults possessing relevant skills, encompassing technical and vocational expertise. This effort is aimed at creating opportunities for gainful employment, decent jobs, and fostering entrepreneurship within the country.

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Regulatory Bodies Overseeing TVET in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, several regulatory bodies play pivotal roles in governing the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). These entities collaborate to ensure the quality and effectiveness of TVET programs and qualifications. Here’s an overview of these regulatory bodies:

  1. National Qualifications Center (NQC): NQC serves as the federal authority responsible for establishing and upholding a framework for national qualifications. It also regulates the TVET sector in the UAE. NQC’s role extends to the recognition of TVET awarding bodies and the endorsement of national vocational qualifications within the country. NQC extends its services to TVET institutes and individuals involved in education and training at licensed TVET institutes. Every national vocational certificate granted by NQA’s awarding bodies holds accreditation for employment purposes.

  2. Vocational Education and Training Awards Council (VETAC): As a federal supervisory and regulatory body, VETAC was established to oversee and coordinate vocational, technical, and professional education and training in the UAE. Operating under the umbrella of the National Qualifications Authority, VETAC has played a key role in endorsing a wide array of national qualifications.

  3. Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET): Within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, ACTVET is the authorized body for regulating TVET. It assumes a crucial role in setting standards and ensuring the quality of TVET programs.

  4. Qualifications and Awards in Dubai (QAD): QAD operates under the jurisdiction of KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and was established in 2014. It focuses on regulating the TVET sector in Dubai, with a primary aim of ensuring the quality and reliability of TVET qualifications. While KHDA oversees its operations, its awarding body functions are regulated by NQC and VETAC.

These regulatory bodies collectively contribute to the enhancement and standardization of TVET in the UAE, assuring the quality of programs and qualifications in this critical field. 

Discover a roster of recognized awarding bodies in the United Arab Emirates.

Technical and Vocational Education in UAE

Embracing TVET Education

Technical and vocational education provides a promising pathway for Emirati students seeking to cultivate vocational skills that lead to successful careers.

UAE citizens interested in technical and vocational education can make a transition to a technical secondary school during the intermediate level or Cycle 2 stage of their education. Upon successful completion of their studies, students will be honored with a Technical Secondary Diploma.

As a result, graduates from a Secondary Technical School (STS) who aspire to pursue higher education will encounter the same admission criteria as graduates from government secondary schools. This opens up opportunities for a seamless educational journey in the UAE.

Locating TVET Institutions in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has demonstrated a strong commitment to vocational and technical education, establishing specialized institutions that emphasize hands-on learning methods. Here are some notable vocational and technical educational centers:

These institutions provide diverse opportunities for individuals pursuing vocational and technical education in the UAE.


Technical and Vocational Education in UAE plays a pivotal role in equipping individuals with practical skills and knowledge essential for a successful and fulfilling career. The commitment to Technical and Vocational Education in UAE is evident in the diverse range of programs offered, catering to the unique talents and aspirations of students.

The significance of Technical and Vocational Education in UAE extends beyond traditional academic pathways, providing alternative routes for individuals to excel in various industries. Through Technical and Vocational Education in UAE, students gain hands-on experience and specialized training, preparing them for the demands of the workforce.

In summary, Technical and Vocational Education in UAE contributes significantly to the nation’s workforce development, addressing the needs of a rapidly evolving job market. As the UAE continues to prioritize the advancement of Technical and Vocational Education, it ensures that individuals are not only academically proficient but also equipped with the practical skills required to thrive in their chosen fields. The emphasis on Technical and Vocational Education in UAE reflects a forward-looking approach, creating a skilled and adaptable workforce for the future.