UAE Job Market

UAE Job Market

The UAE job market is on an upward trajectory, bolstered by burgeoning businesses, fresh projects, and international investments. Over time, as the Arab world’s second-largest economy, the UAE has undertaken a series of legal, economic, and social reforms. These transformations have drawn skilled workers, facilitated by new visas and incentives, to partake in the establishment and expansion of diverse businesses within the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Job Market

Promising Insights into UAE Job Market and Hiring Trends

A recent survey analyzing the job market and hiring trends in the UAE has ignited optimism among foreign immigrants. The findings reveal that a substantial 70% of UAE firms, or 7 out of every 10, are actively seeking to employ new personnel based on their skill sets and qualifications. Additionally, approximately 50% of these organizations are keen to onboard foreign immigrants who can join their teams within a three-month timeframe. In their bid to attract more skilled immigrants, UAE firms have raised their salary offerings. Notably, 86% of working professionals are confident that their career prospects will see improvement over the next five years.

Growing Job Opportunities in the UAE's Tech and HR Sectors

The introduction of new projects and strategic initiatives has given rise to an upswing in job openings, particularly in the technology and human resources sectors, within the UAE’s labor market. Despite global trends, the UAE job market demonstrated significant expansion during the first quarter of 2023. Notably, within head offices, specific sectors have experienced a remarkable 20% surge in job opportunities.

Recruiters have been quick to acknowledge the ongoing economic prosperity in Dubai and anticipate that this positive momentum will continue to shape the UAE job market. They attribute this favorable trend to the meticulous planning and implementation of novel projects and initiatives.

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UAE Job Market

The UAE's Thriving IT Industry

The UAE’s highly advanced IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in driving scientific and technological advancements. Notably, the IT sector ranks as the UAE’s third-highest-earning economy, with an estimated USD 1 trillion in untapped investment potential. The digital economy accounts for a significant 4.3% of the UAE’s GDP.

In light of the country’s labor shortage, the UAE’s IT sector is currently in search of skilled professionals. An IT employee in the UAE can potentially earn a monthly salary of up to AED 6,500. The following table outlines various employment roles within the IT field, offering competitive monthly earnings:

High Jobs in Information Technology (IT)Average salary per month
IT AdministratorAED 3000
T SupportAED 4000
IT Service ManagerAED 4000
IT Field SupportAED 6000
IT Tech Support EngineeringAED 6000
Systems AdministratorAED 8000
Helpdesk IT EngineerAED 9000
IT Systems EngineerAED 10000
MIS specialistAED 11000
Project ManagerAED 33000

Booming Prospects in Finance and Accounting

Anticipated to experience rapid growth in the UAE and the broader Middle East, finance and accounting jobs are becoming increasingly prominent. The specific roles within this field may vary depending on the employer. Currently, there is a shortage of finance and accounting professionals in the UAE, which has led to attractive monthly salaries, with professionals in this sector potentially earning up to AED 7,500 per month. The table below illustrates the average monthly wages for different roles within finance and accounting occupations:

Various Jobs in Finance & AccountingAverage salaries per month
Finance ManagerAED 22000
Risk & Audit ManagerAED 20000
Managing DirectorAED 20000
Senior Financial & Planning AnalystAED 18000
Accounting and Finance ExecutiveAED 15000
Finance & Banking SpecialistAED 15000
Strategy AnalystAED 14000
Senior Accountant SpecialistAED 12000
Trading OfficerAED 9000
Logistics Coordinator & Admin AssistantAED 7000

Rising Demand for Sales and Marketing Professionals in the UAE

In the UAE, sales and marketing roles have gained significant popularity. Hiring for sales and marketing positions has surged by 20%, and this upward trend is projected to continue over the next three years. Owing to a talent shortage, a noteworthy 52% of employers are actively seeking skilled sales and marketing professionals. On average, a sales professional can anticipate earning AED 5,500 per month, while a marketing professional can expect an average monthly salary of AED 5,845.

High Jobs in SalesAverage salary per month
Service Sales EngineerAED 17000
Sales ExecutiveAED 13500
Sales ManagerAED 10000
Customer Service SupervisorAED 8000
Sales CoordinatorAED 7000
SalesAED 5000
Sales AssistantAED 5000
Sales PromotersAED 5000
Executive SalesAED 4000
Sales ConsultantAED 4000

The Diverse Roles and Average Monthly Salaries in Marketing:

Various Jobs in MarketingAverage salary per month
Growth Marketing ManagerAED 25000
Marketing ExecutiveAED 18000
Brand Marketing SpecialistAED 15000
Performance Marketing ExecutiveAED 15000
Marketing ManagerAED 12000
SM Marketing ManagerAED 9000
Marketing CoordinatorAED 7000
Marketing AdministratorAED 4000
Marketing AssistantAED 4000
Digital Marketing ExecutiveAED 4000

UAE's Flourishing Hospitality Sector

The United Arab Emirates is renowned as a prime hub for the hospitality industry, with hotels making substantial contributions to the nation’s economy. The hospitality sector in the UAE is in a state of robust growth with vast potential. On average, professionals in the hospitality field can earn around AED 8,000 per month, and this sector is poised for further expansion in the coming five years.

High Demand for Healthcare Professionals in the UAE

The UAE has a pressing need for healthcare professionals, positioning this field as one of the most sought-after career choices for trained experts in 2023. Forecasts indicate that this labor shortage is likely to persist for the next five years. Healthcare professionals have been making the move to the UAE for several decades, and the demand has escalated in the past two years, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. A healthcare professional can potentially secure a monthly salary of up to AED 7,188.

High Jobs in HealthcareAverage salary per month
PhysicianAED 15000
PediatriciansAED 12500
DieticianAED 10000
Registered NurseAED 7500
PhysiotherapistAED 6000
Diagnostic radiographerAED 5625
ChildcareAED 5250
Clinic ManagerAED 5000
UAE Job Market

Prominent Job Market Trends by Industry

A recent report from the renowned global recruitment agency, Robert Walters, reveals substantial growth within the banking and financial services sector. Job opportunities in this field have shown marked improvement when compared to the same period in 2022.

The technology sector has experienced a remarkable surge in job vacancies, with a notable 20% increase. Not far behind is the human resources sector, which has seen a respectable 10% growth in employment opportunities.

In-Demand Job Prospects in the UAE for 2023:

1. Psychologist.9. Project managers.
2. AI, machine learning specialists.10. Supply chain professionals.
3. Machine learning expert.11. Data scientists.
4. Cybersecurity specialist.12. Cabin crew.
5. Researchers.13. Engineers.
6. Digital transformers.14. Technicians
7. Web designers.15. Automation experts.
8. Digital market experts.16. Business development professional

Robust Recovery in UAE Job Market Trends

The UAE job market is displaying robust signs of recovery, marked by a substantial surge in vacancies for mid-level to senior-level positions. This notable increase in job opportunities is primarily driven by the aggressive expansion efforts of several companies. As businesses expand their operations, the demand for additional workforce grows, leading to job openings across various industries. When companies seek to broaden their horizons, they actively seek out talented individuals to join their teams.

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