Vehicle Registration in UAE

Vehicle Registration in UAE

Driving any vehicle on UAE roads is permissible only if you possess a valid driving license from the authorized traffic authority and your vehicle is registered in compliance with traffic regulations. Discover the process for vehicle registration in UAE and settling traffic fines here.

Vehicle Registration in UAE

Vehicle Registration in UAE

Any individual, whether natural or legal, can register a vehicle in their name in the UAE if they are the vehicle’s rightful owner. It is mandatory to adhere to traffic laws, executive regulations, and decisions regarding vehicle registration before driving on the roads. Operating a vehicle on the road without a valid driving license issued by the relevant emirate’s competent traffic authority is strictly prohibited. Vehicle registration can be accomplished at the respective traffic authority in any emirate across the UAE. Registration services are conveniently accessible through service centers, official websites, or mobile applications offered by the emirates’ traffic departments or the Ministry of Interior.

For newly purchased vehicles from approved car agencies in the UAE, the responsibility for vehicle registration lies with the car agency, which manages all aspects of the registration process. The available service channels encompass:

Steps for Vehicle Registration in UAE

For Vehicle registration in UAE, you should follow these general steps:

  1. Have your vehicle inspected at one of the authorized testing centers, with the exception of vehicles produced in the last three years prior to registration. The inspection result must be favorable.

  2. Obtain vehicle insurance from an authorized insurer.

  3. Settle any outstanding fines, which may also be paid along with service fees.

  4. Apply for car registration through the approved registration channels as mentioned earlier.

  5. Pay the necessary registration fees.

  6. Collect the vehicle ownership card (Mulkiya), along with the assigned plate numbers and the expiry date sticker.

Vehicle Registration in UAE

Vehicle Registration in UAE Required Documents

The documents needed for car registration include:

  1. One of the following vehicle documents: Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC), transfer certificate, export certificate, possession certificate, possession transfer certificate, or a lost export certificate replacement (to whom it may concern certificate).
  2. To register a vehicle, the required documents include:  Original Emirates ID, Passport copy, Residence visa copy (for residents).
  3. Electronic vehicle insurance document.
  4. For mortgaged vehicles, the customer must electronically add the mortgage.
  5. Valid diplomatic ID along with a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for diplomats).
  6. An official letter in Arabic, a copy of the trade license, endorsement of the signature, and an authorization letter (for companies).

Traffic fines

Traffic penalties in the UAE encompass a range of consequences, including monetary fines, imprisonment, vehicle suspension, and driving license revocation. It’s crucial to settle all outstanding traffic fines before proceeding with the renewal of your driving license or vehicle ownership card. To inquire about and pay traffic fines in various emirates of the UAE, you can visit one of the following official websites: