UAE Gratuity Calculator

Welcome to our UAE Gratuity Calculator – your reliable tool for estimating the gratuity amount you may be entitled to receive based on your service in the United Arab Emirates. The gratuity, also known as end-of-service benefits, is a significant aspect of employment in the UAE, reflecting the commitment to rewarding employees for their dedication and service. Our calculator simplifies the process, offering a quick and accurate estimate of your potential gratuity amount.

How to Use the UAE Gratuity Calculator?

  1. Basic Salary: Enter your monthly basic salary. This is the amount specified in your employment contract and does not include additional allowances.

  2. Number of Years of Service: Input the total number of years of your employment.

  3. Calculation: Click the ‘Calculate’ button to see an estimate of your gratuity amount.

Gratuity Calculation Formula:

Our calculator employs the standard UAE gratuity calculation formula:

Gratuity= (Basic Salary/30) × 21 × Number of Years of Service

This formula reflects the guidelines outlined in the UAE labor law and is commonly used to calculate gratuity for employees who have completed their service.

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UAE Gratuity calculator

Is the calculated gratuity amount guaranteed?

The calculated gratuity amount is an estimate based on the standard formula. Actual gratuity amounts may vary due to individual circumstances, employment contract provisions, and any changes in the UAE labor law.

How do I interpret the results from the Gratuity Calculator?

The calculated amount represents an estimate of your potential gratuity based on the information you entered. Consider it as a guide, and for accurate calculations, refer to your employment contract and stay informed about any legal changes.

Can I use the Gratuity Calculator for different employment scenarios?

Yes, the Gratuity Calculator can be used for different employment scenarios by entering the relevant details. Ensure you input accurate information to obtain estimates tailored to your specific situation.


Our UAE Gratuity Calculator aims to provide you with a convenient way to estimate your end-of-service benefits. Remember that this is a tool for guidance, and for accurate calculations, it’s essential to consider specific contractual terms and current labor regulations. We hope this tool serves you well in understanding and planning for your financial future post-employment in the UAE.

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